In many ways, we vote with our dollars. What we buy and consume directly shapes the world in which we live. Joining a CSA allows you to turn a daily necessity (eating) into a powerful social and environmental action. The ripple effect of this one choice is far reaching. 


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way to link farmers directly to their customers. Members pre-purchase a “share” of the harvest in the spring when the farm incurs the bulk of its costs. In exchange for this “seed money,” CSA members receive a weekly box of mixed produce throughout the growing season (mid-June through mid-October). The weekly boxes are delivered to one of many convenient pick-up sites throughout the South Sound. Our members enjoy over 100 varieties of organically grown vegetables and culinary herbs.  Our weekly e-newsletter and website will supply you with tons of recipes and tips to get the most out of your share. 


In today’s food system, there are a lot of steps between farm and table. Produce often goes from the farm, to a warehouse, on a truck, to another warehouse, to the store, then finally to your kitchen. Much of the produce found in grocery stores travels an average of 1500 miles! Warehouses, trucking companies, and stores all take a cut resulting in the farmer making less and the consumer paying more. By cutting out the middlemen you as a customer get fresher, healthier produce and we as farmers get more of the profit- a mutually beneficial relationship.


Eat Fresh! Your produce is harvested within a day or two of you receiving it (some exceptions apply, such as storage crops like winter squash, garlic, etc.)    

Eat Seasonally! Reconnect with what’s in season and enjoy each crop at its peak. Discover how diverse and abundant our region is.

Eat Healthier! Our farm fresh produce is more flavorful and nutrient dense than their grocery store counter parts. A CSA share will help you to incorporate more veggies into your diet.

Try New Recipes! Our website and weekly newsletters are full of easy, delicious, and seasonal recipes that any cook can handle.

Great Value! Receive at least 10% more produce than what you paid for when compared to our market stand prices.

Buy Local! Buying local reduces your carbon footprint with shortened delivery distance and minimal packaging.  You also strengthen our local economy, which benefits us all.

Strengthen Local Food Security! Buying directly from your local farms helps keep local agriculture thriving. Help preserve farmland and open spaces by supporting your local farms.

Know Who Grows Your Food! We do our best to give you a peek into the how’s and why’s of the farm. Learn what it takes to get all of this yummy food to your table and who is growing it for you.