We offer great deals on bulk purchases for canning, freezing, winter storage, and general squirreling away. Pickling cucumbers are our specialty!

How To Order: 

Call or email the farm for availability. Orders can be picked up at the farm,  the Olympia Farmers Market, the Tacoma Proctor Farmers Market, the Steilacoom Farmers Market, or delivered with your CSA box. See our farmers market page for more hours and locations.

2019 Pricing (subject to change depending on harvest conditions)

-1/2 lb $14.00
-1 lb $24.00

-5 lbs $7.00
-10 lbs $13.00
-25 lbs $30.00

Cabbage (10 lbs or more)
-green head cabbage $1.20/lb

-25lb “A” grade $30.00
-15lb “B” grade $10.00 (great for juicing!)

Dill (for pickling) $3.00/bunch

Green Beans
-10 lbs $3.00/lb
-20+ lbs $2.50/lb

Onions: yellow storage
10 lbs $15
25 lbs $32

Cipollini storage onions-red or yellow (They store REALLY well!)
5 lbs $14
10 lbs $26

Pickling Cucumbers
Visit our pickle page

Potatoes (unwashed/field run)
Fingerling- Russian banana, Ozette, Rose Finn Apple
Other- Russet, Yellow Finn, Red Chieftain,
10 lbs $12
25 lbs $25

5 lbs $18.75
10 lbs $35

Shell Peas

“A” grade (That means pretty and perfect) 20 lbs for $40
“B” (cosmetically challenged and/or very ripe) 20 lbs for $30

Winter squash-5 types
   Acorn or Delicata
     10 lbs $15
     25 lbs $31.25
  Pie pumpkin, butternut, or kubocha
     10 lbs $12.50
     25 lbs $25.00

Don’t see it on the list? Call and ask. We just may have it!

On Farm Sales

While we don’t have an “official” farm stand, orders may be picked up at the farm Monday-Friday at a pre-arranged time. Tuesday and Friday are our main harvest days and we have a cooler full of goodies by 2:00. You may drop by between 2-4 and to pick up a little of this or a little of that.