CSA Newsletter – Week 8 – August 3, 2016

beets or chard
green beans
lemon cucumber
slicing cucumber (small shares)
Amiga cucumber (large shares)
potatoes-Princess LaRatte
cilantro, basil, or parsley
green zucchini
Italian zucchini
patty pan or crookneck squash
sungold cherry tomatoes or red slicer tomatoes to the half of you who didn’t get them last week
sweet onion

There are a few new folks joining us this week for the Height of the Season share. Welcome! You may wish to read over previous newsletters for veggie identification and recipe suggestions.

The summer bounty is here. We have been trying out all sorts of green bean recipes over the past week. Jim found a real winner on the ol’ internet. It is a little spicy, but you can tone that down to taste. Sauteed Green Beans with Soy, Shallots, Ginger, Garlic and Chile

Further Box Elaboration:
Lemon Cucumbers: They are the yellow, round veg in your box. They taste like a standard cucumber with a hint of melon flavor. They are called “lemon” because of their round, yellow appearance. It is an old heirloom variety. No need to peel. Just slice and eat.
Princess LaRatte potato: Our potato seed order got all screwed up and we had to do a last minute order with someone else. Princess LaRatte replace our usual Russian Banana as a yellow fingerling. So far we are impressed with it. Apparently, it is the fancy of many chefs. So you can feel all high end and fancy yourself while preparing these lovelies. They are a good oven roasting potato.
Basil: We are finally able to add basil to the herb rotation. Try to use it up soon. Basil is very perishable.

My brain is a little addled this week. The pickling cucumber and green bean madness is on. Our first planting of pickling cukes (2400 linear feet) need to be picked, washed, sorted, and bagged every Mon, Wed, and Fri. It is quite a task; a true “all hands on deck” affair. I spend several hours a day orchestrating orders (on top of all my other farming duties) and today it is really catching up to me. My apologies for such a brief newsletter! We hope you enjoy your veggies!

Jen, Jim and the Rising River Farm Crew