CSA Newsletter – Week 7 – July 27, 2016

beets or chard
slicing cucumber-large shares
Amiga cucumber-small shares (kinda like an English cucumber)
green beans
snow peas-large shares only
dill, cilantro, or parsley
green zucchini
Italian zucchini
patty pan or crookneck squash
sungold cherry tomatoes or slicing tomatoes for half of you (the rest of you will get some next week.)

Whew, it is hot out there! What a yo-yo kind of summer. With the sun comes crazy abundance as is evidenced with the beans and squash. We have 2 succession plantings of both on right now, so the harvest totals are impressive (and a little intimidating!) It is our hope that the tomatoes will be the next crop to take off. As it is, we had enough for half of you today. The rest of you will get some next week.

CANNING AND FREEZING: If you are inclined to can or freeze and produce for mid-winter enjoyment, visit our bulk crop page for pricing. I will let you know in the newsletters or in a separate email if/when we have extra of anything. Right now green beans and pickling cucumbers are the hot ticket. We can bring your order to your CSA pick up site or to any of the farmers market we sell to. If you are new to canning and freezing, cooperative extension has a lot of great resources and recipes.